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Chevra Hatzalah Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of the Jersey Shore was established January 2002, though we started responding to calls March 1st 2003. Our coverage area encompasses 7 Municipalities and over 10 square miles. One of the major factors in establishing a Hatzalah branch in the Jersey Shore area was to eradicate the issue of “Border Disputes”, and to give relief to an already overburdened First Aid system in some of the towns. In some instances a patient would have to wait over 30 minutes before help arrived. These were only some of the factors which went into the decision.

Today our fleet consists of 4 state of the art ambulances equipped with all the modern gadgets we need to perform our duties to the fullest. Our membership consists of over 45 trained and certified EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians) from the New Jersey State Department of Health, and some are also Nationally Registered. The entire membership has in the trunks of their cars a Trauma and Oxygen Bag. We are currently the only EMS agency in the area to equip all of its members with an AED (Automated Defibrillator), a much needed asset when you encounter a patient that’s in cardiac arrest. Our state of the art communications include portable two way radios for each of our members. This allows our dispatcher and all the members to keep in constant communication during an emergency. This is all being handled by our 2 repeaters which rebroadcast our conversations at over 100 watts.

The dispatchers of Hatzalah are all trained in house to the specification of Hatzalah Central or what we call “Mother Hatzalah”. These dispatchers 30 in all are the first contact a patient makes when he needs our services. They are a courteous, professional, and caring group of individuals that never get to hear the “Thank you” a patient says when he’s dropped off at the hospital. We hope and pray to Hashem that you never need our services, but in the event that you do you can rest assured that the care you will receive will be second to none.Unlike the official 911 E.M.S. crews and service that benefit from both city and state funding, the Jersey Shore Division of Hatzalah is totally dependent on caring people like you to make generous tax-deductible donations.

These dozens of selfless community members devote countless hours throughout the years to assisting and saving the lives of others is one of the greatest mitzvahs that we are privileged to see. But, this incredible miracle cannot exist without the financial support of the people in the community who have an appreciation for the great chesed (kindness) service that Hatzalah volunteers perform on a routine basis. The cost of maintaining and insuring the ambulances and other life-saving medical equipment routinely utilized over the course of a year by Hatzalah members runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Please take the time to carefully reflect upon this great mitzvah and then kindly send a generous tax-deductible donation that will bring you benefits not only in this world, but also in Olam Haba (the World to Come).

Our success in saving lives is dependent on the dedication of hundreds of volunteers who respond to emergency calls around the clock. Our Volunteers in turn rely on the quality and reliability of the medical equipment they have at their disposal. In order to perform at their optimum, each volunteer must be personally equipped with the state-of the art instruments necessary to save a victim's life in the harsh conditions of an emergency. The types of equipment needed can be divided into three broad categories: Transportation, Communications and Life-support.

Stay Healthy,

The Hatzalah Crew